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There are a lot of things to know when you begin your studies at the University of Ottawa. The following guides are a good starting point for understanding the services that are available to you, and they'll come in handy throughout your studies.


  • Settling into University

  • Academic integrity

  • Writing support

  • International students

  • Graduate Studies

Student Guide 2014-2015


Undergraduate student guide

This guide is for all undergraduate students. It contains a wealth of need-to-know information both for those in first year and for those further along in their student experience.

Distance Education Student Guide


Distance Education Student Guide

If you are interested in taking distance courses, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about distance education.

Academic Integrity Student Guide


Academic Integrity: tools and resources

What is academic integrity? Why is it important? Who can help me? This website tries to answer all of your questions and provides you with the necessary tools and resources to ensure academic integrity throughout your studies.

Preventing Plagiarism


Preventing Plagiarism

Here you will find an overview of plagiarism and ways to avoid it.

Writing Support


Writing Support

Here you will find guides to help make academic writing easier.

Student Guide - For newly admitted International Students


Student Guide - For newly admitted International Students

Congratulations on being admitted to the University of Ottawa! We are pleased that you have chosen to obtain your degree here with us, and we look forward to guiding you through these next important steps so that you arrive on campus safely and well prepared.
This guide is divided into 5 steps, and we advise you to complete them in sequential order.

gradudaute studies


A Strategic Guide to Graduate Studies

This Strategic Guide to Graduate Studies presents the various elements of the graduate student experience at the University of Ottawa.